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Stone Kleaner, Inc. 9131 Lomita Dr Alta Loma, CA 91701 Stone Kleaner, Inc. 9131 Lomita Dr Alta Loma, CA 91701

Superior Stone and Tile Restoration, Maintenance, Consulting & Inspection Services

Superior Stone & Tile Restoration & Maintenance

To witness the dramatic step-by-step process click on the pictures below. Take notice of the the reflection meter used, the higher the number the more light the floor reflects.

More light reflected means, the more potential shine your floor has.

Does your Stone measure up?

Why Does Stone Shine?

When stone becomes dull and scratched, it loses its shine and luster; at this time the stone needs to be refinished and polished to restore the shine it once had. So why does stone shine? And how can a lost shine be recovered? The deep shine we see on polished stone is achieved by rubbing the stone with a series of abrasive materials in the form of industrial diamonds in resin or metal bond discs. The process is similar to sanding a piece of wood. The stone is rubbed with a coarse abrasive grit, followed by finer & finer grits, until the scratches left behind from one grit is removed by the next. This process goes on until the scratches become microscopic, thus creating an extremely smooth surface where the stone starts to get light reflectivity. The shine on the stone is a product of optics. The techniques employed to achieve this degree of smoothness requires special knowledge, training and equipment. Stone Kleaner strives to excel in stone restoration technology.

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